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THESIS Abstract

Field of Study: Culture
Degree Programme: Design Making YAMK
Author: Mari Sumuranta

Title of Thesis:
Digitalization and Transport Packages: Constructive Design Study

Supervisor: Ilkka Kettunen
Partner: Stora Enso Packaging Oy

The purpose of this constructive design study is to examine the possibilities in designing corrugated board constructions. In order to define the design problem I studied different aspects affecting on transport packages. Such aspects are for example circular economy as well as changes in buying behaviour and distribution channels as a result of digitalization.

The outcome of this design study is a series of construction experiments, and finally a packaging application for e-commerce. Its aim was to improve buying experience of a customer. Another objective was to produce as little material waste as possible. Experiments were documented for future structural design assignments. The written part of the thesis presents the process; studying the broader aspects, defining the design problem and thinking behind the construction experiments.

The conclusion is that it is possible to make several different functional construction variations of corrugated board by packaging design. With such variations it is possible to improve buying experience in e-commerce, as well as differentiate and regenerate the image of corrugated board. Branding can be extended into transport packaging. In addition, packaging design can be brought into common awareness by professional web content.

Keywords: constructive design research, material driven design, packaging design, corrugated board

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